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DISCOGRAPHY: /diskógrafee/ n. (pl. ies) Popular Definitions

As you discover the many recordings found in the playlists here at this web-site you may request additional information about a specific recording. We promote the purchase and promotion of these recording(s) and are licensed for the promotion of this entertainment medium. We do not encourage breaking any law by copying in any form any copyrighted recording work listed in these playlists. We only carry the original recordings in great condition. We play music found in these playlists to "Create A Memorable Occasion." We do not carry any MP3 or pirated copies in our professional disc-jockey services. Since 1986, we are commited to providing the widest and most complete collections of music to our customers. Discography has these popular definitions:
  1. a descriptive catalog of recordings,
  2. the study of recordings,
  3. a way of detailing recordings beyond the surface title and recording artists or groups.Real time choices can be made by Clients immediatley, not after the event,
  4. a tabulation record by chart, written word or printed work
DISCOGRAPHY: /diskógrafee/ n. (pl. ies) Playlist Content

All playlists found on our site include the artist or group, recording year and recording version of the song title. We have created each playlist displaying the most popular information in simple, clean, downloadable and easy-to-read customer friendly. Below is a list of Discography of additional information about the content of each song title that we have assembled in every playlist found at www.rickjefferies.com. Most Discography information about the song title is standardized in the following categories: